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Sample Voting Packets

Watch our short video: "What's in a Swing the Vote Packet?"


This packet is our first 2022 voting packet and it outlines all voting options for Philadelphia County, PA as of early September, including vote by mail, early voting and Election Day voting.


This packet will be updated when the ballot is released, when early voting dates are announced and when additional satellite early voting and drop box locations are announced. 

The packet will also be customized to the needs of our partners who are distributing them to voters. Some partners only want to provide one or two voting options. Others want their branding, logo and contact information in the footer.

Click through to see the full packet.

The packet for University of Michigan Ann Arbor emphasizes voting in person on campus during the special early voting period. The Ann Arbor City Clerk has set up satellite voting locations on campus to make it easy for students to register or change an address and vote early on campus all in one visit between September 27 and November 8th.


We also give instructions for Election Day voting and for providing proof of residency for late registrants.

Click through to see the full packet.

U Mich Ann Arbor screenshot.jpg
UWW Packet Screenshot.jpg

Wisconsin schools  have complicated Voter ID and Proof of Residency rules, and our packet for UW-Whitewater walks students through how to register at their school address and provide the proper documentation.

When the addresses on student's driver's licenses do not match their voting addresses at school, they are unable to register to vote with the state's online voter registration system and are forced to use the paper forms provided in our packets along with the stamped envelopes addressed to the clerk's office.

We also give instructions for Election Day voting and same-day registration in Wisconsin

Click through to see the full packet.

GA Runoff Packet Screenshot.png

This packet was created for DeKalb County, Georgia voters for the Senate runoff election in 2020. The packet offers both early in-person and mail-in voting options and includes forms for registration and ballot request along with a stamped addressed envelope and detailed voter ID instructions.

The packet was distributed door-to-door by volunteers affiliated with DeKalb Young Dems. We also provided a Spanish-language version of the packet.

Click through to see the full packet.

This packet was created after early voting locations were announced in Philadelphia during the 2020 election season which allowed residents to both register and vote early in person in a single stop.


The packet includes early voting addresses, instructions about what to bring and how to properly fill out the ballot, and paper copies of the forms the voter will need to register and to vote.  The packet also includes Election Day voting instructions as an alternative.

The packet was distributed door-to-door by students at University of Pennsylvania, Temple and Drexel.

Click through to see the full packet.

MIAD WI packet 2020.png

Wisconsin has complicated Voter ID laws for students originally from out of state who do not have Wisconsin driver's licenses. This packet, tailored to students at the Milwaukee Institute at Art and Design, provides detailed Voter ID and proof of residency instructions for their campus. 

The packet offers both early in-person and Election Day voting instructions along with a list of early voting locations and hours and copies of the registration and ballot request forms. Wisconsin also requires witnesses to sign the absentee ballots used for mail-in and early voting, and our packet makes sure that happens.

Click through to see the full packet.

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